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MARCH 2 - Thank you too Alyssa Gomori, cura­tor of the Erland Lee (Muse­um) House for giv­ing us a live tour or the muse­um and updat­ing us on upcom­ing events.

Vis­it  Erland Lee (Muse­um) Home     552 Ridge Road, Stoney Creek, ON L8J 2Y6,   (905) 662‑2691     Open Thurs­day, Sat­ur­day & Sun­day, Noon to 4 p.m.

  • March 5th                    Snow/Ice Dye­ing Workshop
  • April 9th                       Macramé Plant Hang­er Workshop
  • April 16/17                  Live His­to­ry Performances
  • April 23rd                     Pan­cake Breakfast
  • May 14th                     Mem­o­ry Col­lage Workshoo
  • June 11th                     Planter Workshop
  •  June 25th                     Straw­ber­ry Social/A Step Back in Time
  •  July 16th                      Psy­chic and Holis­tic Health Fair
  •    Fea­ture Dis­play:     The W.I. in the U.K. — An exhib­it show­cas­ing our bond with our over­seas sisters!

Details on April 16 & 17’s LIVE HISTORY PERFORMANCE  (2 dif­fer­ent show times each shar­ing 2 scripts, all relat­ing to the his­to­ry of the home & Stoney Creek):

erlandlee_1300752537    Mary’s Odyssey: Come join the young maid, Mary as she takes you on a tour of the his­toric house. Using Home­r’s The Odyssey as the cipher, we present you a unique expe­ri­ence, as the audi­ence assists Mary in solv­ing a long-hidden mys­tery, lead­ing to a trea­sure. Long ago, John Lee  left a trea­sure hid­den in the home, although no one has ever cracked the code.
Now, in March 1897, Erland and Janet Lee invite you to their home, to cel­e­brate the start of the Wom­en’s Insti­tute, and hope­ful­ly find the trea­sure to help fund their noble cause.  The show is a jour­ney back to a time when the house was alive with the past. The audi­ence will expe­ri­ence much about love, loss and hon­or while being guid­ed through by the one set of eyes that has seen all in this home.

   Cather­ine’s Creed: Come join Cather­ine, who was born and raised in the town, short­ly after the memo­r­i­al ser­vice of Sarah Lee Hill.  James S. Hill is over­come by grief but he knows his late wife would want things this way, in her child­hood home.  Sarah Lee  was the only per­son who under­stood Cather­ine’s unique per­son­al­i­ty and views on the world. But now, you will join forces with Cather­ine, whether you like her or not,  in order to find a hid­den trea­sure. Sarah Lee has sent each of you odd clues, let­ters and objects, and it is up to you to solve the puz­zle and set Cather­ine free.

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